ISO 37000

Since awarded ISO 37001:2016 certification on January 25, 2021, Gramedia Printing has continuously carry out programmes in implementing the Anti-Bribery Management System (ABMS).

ISO 37001 ABMS standard defines requirements and provides management system guidance, which is designed to assist organizations in preventing, detecting and dealing with bribery and complying with anti-bribery laws and regulations. The aim for applying this standard, companies are expected to be more efficient in their business and not engage in fraudulent practices. This will ultimately make business competition in the industry healthier and more profitable.

Anti-bribery is not a new trait in Gramedia Printing. The founders of Kompas Gramedia since the beginning of the company’s establishment have always emphasized the importance of personnel and organizational integrity as the basis for building trust and business with other parties. This is reflected in the value of Integrity which is one of the 5 main values ??of Kompas Gramedia.

After implementing ISO 37001, Gramedia Printing continues to improve the system and analyze the risks that may arise in the company’s journey related to ABMS. In addition, the company always communicates, both to suppliers and customers regarding the implementation of this standard in the company. This is also supported by training, refreshment, and an emphasis on integrity for employees. More specifically, this training targets employees who are related to parties outside the company.

The effort of the implementation of the training can be seen from the fact that the Covid 19 pandemic can not hinder the implementation of this training. According to Mr. Nugrahanto as the Coordinator of the Anti-Bribery Compliance Forum (ABCF), until Jun 2021 the training implementation has reached 60% of the total employees who are the target subjects. It is planned that in September 2021, the achievement of training conducted online can reach the target of 100%. By the fact that integrity is one of the corporate’s main values, and supported by system improvements, preventive analysis, and trainings, Gramedia Printing is expected to be able to implement the ISO 37001SMAP standard in a sustainable manner in the future.